In Chi Kappa Phi, we believe that family and friendship span beyond differences in age or class. For this reason, we created the Chickadee Houses. These six houses, one for each of the founding officers, represent the strength of Chickadee love.

New Members, called Peeps, will each be matched with a Chickadee (current active member) who will be referred to as their Big. These Big Chickadees will serve as a mentors, friends, and family to the Peeps. In addition, upon pairing, Peeps are automatically welcomed into their Big’s house.

The Houses participate in an biannual competition to see who can accrue the most points. Throughout the semester, each house will be competing for points, which are awarded for philanthropic involvement, as well as attendance at Chickadee events and meetings. The house with the most points at the end of the semester will be presented with the Golden Chickadee, to symbolize their outstanding performance throughout the duration of the semester.

Click on the links below to read more about individual houses and meet active Chickadees.

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