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For our Peep project, the Delta Class chose to support Sammy’s house, a local nonprofit childcare facility that promotes growth in children with and without disabilities through education. As a Peep and now a Chickadee, I am continuously amazed by the dedication of Sammy’s House to provide a safe, affordable, and inclusive educational environment for all children. At our first volunteer experience at Sammy’s House, the Delta class was able to witness the passion of the staff members and their continuous strive for excellence in education. The Week of Love, the culmination of the Delta peep project in the Spring of 2016, raised over a thousand dollars for Sammy’s House to purchase a specialized tricycle. 

This fall, the Deltas were fortunate to partake in the annual Eat, Drink, and Be Scary Ball supporting Sammy’s House. Following the Día de Los Muertos theme, hundreds of tissue paper flowers were made by the Delta class in the form of centerpieces for tables and decorations. Members of the Delta class volunteered on the day of the event helping sell raffle tickets, leading game stations, and encouraging attendees to sponsor toys and educational materials for the children at Sammy’s House. Not only were each of the attendees dressed in creative costumes, but also they were excited to find ways to contribute to a wonderful cause.

As the night progressed, it was evident that those who attended were finding a place in their hearts and wallets to provide scholarships to students, an improved learning environment, and a place for all children to grow. From the all the contributions received throughout the night, Sammy’s House raised over a hundred thousand dollars. All the Deltas were in awe of the generosity by each of the attendees and were grateful for participating in an event that will provide a place for all children. In so many ways, The Eat, Drink, and Be Scary Ball celebrated the great work of Sammy’s House since 1999, and the amazing work to come!

Lindo Yoo

Delta Class