from a chickadee

Wanna know what it's like to be a Chickadee? Here are letters from past and current Chickadees and their experiences in Chi Kappa Phi and at UT.

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From a Chickadee: Ashley

While I love every organization that we partner with in Chickadees, THON was such a great experience for me because our focus was on one philanthropy the whole year. leader. I strengthened my commitment to service through my experiences in THON and felt supported by my fellow Chickadees.


From a Chickadee: Sophie

This is what taught me that college was all about exploration, and what pushed me to join Chickadees. I learned that now is the time to try new things and immerse oneself into as many experiences as possible.


2018-19 Peep Mentor: Analina

It’s been almost a year since I was first welcomed into the warm community that is Chi Kappa Phi, and my love and passion for this organization continues to grow each and every day. Like many of you reading this letter, I was in search of friends, philanthropy, and a place to call home. Luckily, I found each of these (and much, much more) when I began the journey to become a Chickadee last Fall.


2018-19 Oak springs chair: julie

It is very important to me that we leave a positive impact in these kids, even if it is just in the slightest way. After all, these kids are the future, and whatever I can do to promote their growth and well-being, I would be happy to do for them.


2017-18 Peep mentor: Shruthi

Our members are diverse, inspiring individuals with ambitions to change the world, passions that drive their service, and hearts of utter gold. I can honestly say that interacting and learning from my fellow Chickadees made my freshman year as fulfilling as it was.

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From a chickadee: linda

For our Peep project, the Delta Class chose to support Sammy’s house, a local nonprofit childcare facility that promotes growth in children with and without disabilities through education. As a Peep and now a Chickadee, I am continuously amazed by the dedication of Sammy’s House to provide a safe, affordable, and inclusive educational environment for all children.


2016-17 Peep Mentor: Hayley

One of the most unique (and perhaps most compelling) aspects of our organization is our members’ dedication to service. Chickadees are incredibly colorful and ambitious individuals from all over the globe with diverse and varied backgrounds, interests, and passions, united in their desire to serve others. I truly cannot think of a better environment to foster a love of community service and philanthropy than here in Chickadees!

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From a chickadee: Bianca

Though our Peep Project is over, I still smile each time I walk into a room and see members of the Delta class. I am humbled to be able to call this group of funny, talented, wonderful girls my friends and I am excited to see how our relationship with Sammy’s House and the incredibly sweet kids develop over these next few years.

From a Chickadee: Lauren

Do you have a passion for service? Does you mom keep nagging that you need to get involved in college? Are you looking for a diverse group of life-long friends, who share a love of helping others? Are you just really into cute bows? Whatever your reasoning, we are so psyched that you’re here and considering Chickadees!