Peep Project


Peep Projects are on-campus service events planned and organized by the Peeps. During their Peep semester, new members work together to host a campus wide service event benefitting the organization of their choice: the Peep project.

The Peep class continues to volunteer with this organization, or with a similarly aligned organization, in the following years. This process allows each Peep class to create a lasting partnership with an organization for which they are passionate.


Current class partnerships are as follows:

Alpha Class: Austin Pets Alive

As the first class, the Alpha class concentrated their efforts into developing the structure and mission of Chi Kappa Phi, a service society. The organization began in 2013 and achieved nonprofit status in 2016. Throughout the years, Chickadees have partnered with different causes and groups on UT campus as well as in the Austin community to create a shared impact.


Beta Class: Posada Esperanza

The Beta class sponsored Posada Esperanza, a local refuge for women seeking political asylum in the U.S. The Betas met and played games with children while their families worked to secure jobs, housing, and a place in their new American society. In February 2014, the Beta class held a benefit concert with university bands and a capella groups to raise funds and awareness for the volunteers at Posada Esperanza. Ultimately, they were able to donate $1,700 for needed housing repairs for the families.

For more information on Posada Esperanza, please visit:


Gamma Class: Helping Hand Home for Children

The Gamma class held an awareness week honoring Helping Hand Home, an Austin organization dedicated to aiding underprivileged and abused children. Throughout the year, the Gammas volunteer at Helping Hand Home and every Valentine’s Day, they sell sunflowers to benefit the Home.

For more information on Helping Hand Home, please visit:


Delta Class: Sammy’s House

The Delta class hosted the Week of Love, a weeklong fundraiser, to raise funds for Sammy’s House, a nonprofit dedicated to helping medically disadvantaged children. The Week of Love included compatibility tests, raffles, and profit shares during February 2016. The event was met with a lot of success and the funds were used to purchase specialized tricycles for Sammy’s House.

For more information on Sammy’s House, please visit:


Epsilon Class: Caritas of Austin

The Epsilon class hosted Succulents and Sweets to raise funds for Caritas, an organization that helps end homelessness in Austin. The Succulents and Sweets event included selling succulents and sweets on Speedway to the UT students to help raise awareness for Caritas as well as raise funds. The funds were donated to Caritas.

For more information on Caritas, please visit:


Zeta Class: Ecology Action of Texas

The Zeta class hosted Teacology Action of Texas and bake sales to raise funds for Ecology Action of Texas, an organization that aims to improve the environment. Teacology Action of Texas involved educating fellow Longhorns about the work of Ecology Action of Texas and the state of the natural environment in Texas. 

For more information on Ecology Action of Texas, please visit:

Eta Class: Austin Child Guidance Center

The Eta class hosted Mardi Gras for Mental Health to fundraise for ACGC, an organization dedicated to improving the mental health of children and their families through early intervention, diagnosis, and treatment. As the Etas sold raffle tickets they spread awareness about the importance of mental health support services.

For more information on Austin Child Guidance Center, please visit: